ToolWiz Remote Backup
  • A useful app that help administrators troubleshoot computers remotely.
  • Create backups of systems and restore PCs to initial state in case of crash.
  • A network solution for avoiding to reinstall entire OS and lose information.
  • Allow its users to access data locked inside computers.

Latest Version:1.0
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (both 32bit and 64bit)
Category: Networking Software
File Size: 1.0 M

ToolWiz Remote Backup is a freeware. With this free tool, you can download files from a remote PC with no need to install anything on it. You can modify the sectors of the hardisk remotely. You can backup the MBR of remote PC and restore it when the system crashed. You must have watched the film "Transformers". In this movie, if one car(Autobots) got damaged, another cars can help it and fix it. Now, ToolWiz Care implemented a similar idea to your PC. If one of your PC got damaged, you can easily fix it with another PC just beside it. What you should do is just clicking some buttons in the Windows GUI (Graphical User Interface). Many of us have had bad experiences with system crash with Windows. If you met this kind of system issues (eg. a endless BSOD and can not enter your desktop), even the Safe Mode, the only way for you normally is reinstalling the system. But as we know, reinstalling the system would be possible to destroy many files like photos, documents and other private files. Is there a way to copy these files out easily before reinstalling the system? Yes, ToolWiz Remote Backup now brings you a new network solution and you can try this new way to solve the problem.

Convenient & Easy

You can download files from a remote PC and no need install anything on the remote PC easily. It is also convenient for you to backup the MBR of remote PC and restore it when the system crashed. You can modify the sectors of the hard disk remotely.

Free & Customized

With this free software, You can select exactly what you wish to back up, including documents, pictures, music, videos, emails, etc.

Reliable & Secure

It provides the most secure and reliable way to back up personal data. Without worrying about your files’ security. Offering absolutely secrecy for customers.

Reduction of Risk

When you backup your documents and others, no need to concern about risk of backup. It helps you confidently meet and manage your recovery.

More Features
  • Restart the client machine remotely.
  • If there’s a problem, you can shutdown the connected PC remotely.
  • Make corrections to the MBR, the Master Boot Record.
  • Edit disk sectors.
  • Store your important data securely.
  • Add a single file or entire directories for backup.
  • Support deletion of backed up files.
  • Free and easy-to-use backup software.
  • Easy restoration of files to any location.
  • Designed for the home user and small business in mind.


"How to Install ToolWiz Remote Backup?"

1. When you click “Download” of Toolwiz Remote Backup, you can get the source file of it, then double click the icon“Setup_remote backup.exe”, you will see next page, click “Next”, browse different files according to yourself. Then click “Next”, certainly you can browse various files and change files’ names. Click “Next”-- “Install”-- “Finish”. You will get this “Create New Password” page.

2. Choose “I accept the agreement”, click “Next”.

3. Browse different diskette location according to yourself. Then click “Next”.

4. Certainly you can browse various files and change files’ names. Click “Next”-- “Install”-- “Finish”.

5. At last you can use this software to backup your files and documents.

"How to administer and backup systems over LAN with Toolwiz Remote Backup?"

The first step that you need to take would be installing Toolwiz. This free LAN remote backup tool is very small, so you won’t have to wait long for it to install on your system. After you run it for the first time, you should see this:

Each time that Toolwiz is started you’ll be prompted with the config window which can be seen above. This is where you’re gonna have to change the addresses of all the computers participating in the system recovery. The first address, the one on the top, is the address of the system which is gonna be used for accessing the client. Toolwiz will probably fill this address out on its own you just need to make sure it’s correct. Second address, the one below would be the address of the client, which needs to be repaired or at the very least from where data needs to be recovered. Ports also have to be configured. All the addresses have to be correct, actual addresses of the computers that you’re using, otherwise Toolwiz won’t work. Addresses can be found out in your router. When you’re done configuring everything, and when you click OK, the main application window will open up.

This would be the default interface of Toolwiz Remote Backup. Everything is clearly laid out. Right sidebar contains all the important tools which we mentioned earlier. Connection notification stands in the middle of the application, and there you can also see some basic information about the remote PC. To use the remote tools you just need your mouse. For example if you want to access the partition of the remote computer, click on Remote Partition and you should be able to see the partition, backup photos, documents and so on, if the network connection is working properly of course.


“Copy files from remote computer as long as its on the same local network (LAN). Ability to restore and backup remote computers MBR plus edit sectors manually. Can work whether or not the remote computer has an operating system! So if you have 2 or more computers at home (and on the same network) and one of computers operating system is damaged and you need a file (or 2) from it you can use this tool to get it!”

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“It is very useful for me. Help me copy my files. In general, recommend this to anyone.”

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“Since I download Toolwiz remote backup, I can configure everything and see how I can help myself on your own with Toolwiz. Thanks.”

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“Good software to backup my files. Like it so much.”

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“With this free tool, I can download files from a remote PC and no need install anything on the remote PC and modify the sectors of the hard disk remotely.”

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Users’ Review

Allows you to automatize the backup process.
Supports remote backups.
Different types of reports.
Fully customizable.

MIlo Ho

It is easy to use.I don't worry my important files can 't be copied when the computer can't be started.

Vimi So

I have used their other products ,they are all free.I think this remote back up is very useful.

Freda Gl

It is easy to use and it is useful to any person.


The team is strong and friendly .Their products are what we really need.


Once we meet system crash with Windows, we can use this software to copy these files easily.

Qihi Wo

I think the function and interface of the software are designed very good.

evenly R.

Although I do not usually used it, of course, this situation should not happen .After all, it means that system may be crashed. In short is a good software.

Ho Mi

I think it is designed for the home user and small business in mind. Of course it may be useful to others.

Vo He

Its the best thing i ever used.


Once system crashed, this software can resolve quickly.


Nhiều người đã xem bộ phim "Transformers". Trong phim này, nếu một chiếc xe (Autobots) đã bị hư hỏng, một chiếc xe khác có thể giúp nó và sửa chữa nó. Bây giờ, Toolwiz quan tâm thực hiện một ý tưởng tương tự như máy tính của bạn. Nếu PC của bạn đã bị hư hỏng, bạn có thể dễ dàng sửa chữa nó với một máy tính nằm ngay bên cạnh nó.