ToolWiz Time Machine
  • Powerful rollback utility to prevent data loss and improve PC security
  • Easy & Quick to create snapshots to backup your entire system and disk partition
  • Provide instant and comprehensive recovery of your entire system and disk partition
  • Schedule automatic system snapshots hourly to ensure highly relevant restore points



Version: :
Date : 12/23/2013
Size : 3.5 MB
License : Freeware
Requires : Supported : win7(32/64bit)/win8(32/64bit)/Vista(32/64bit)
Hardware : 500 MHz processor/512MB RAM/2GB hard disk
Toolwiz Time Machine (Toolwiz multi-point restoration) is a new product released by Singapore Toolwiz team in 2013, which is a powerful and easy-to-use undelete freeware, protecting your PC from data loss and improving its security.

It allows users to create no more than 24 snapshots of your system partition on a regular basis to backup your system. If your current system gets damaged or crushed or you are not just satisfied with it, you can use Toolwiz Time Machine to rollback your system to any snapshot you want.

Key Features
Instant Backup

Create an image of the current state of your computer. It would be better to create a snapshot of your system when major software installations, large data transformation or system maintenance. Taking an instant snapshot means you can roll back your system to its previous condition and recover valuable data if you encounter any problems or data corruption.

Recovery & Restore

Once you have successfully created system snapshots, you can roll your system back to any snapshots you want anytime. Therefore, when encountering a virus attack or data corruption, you could roll back to reinstate a previous normal 'working' state. Toolwiz Time Machine provides users with flexibility to revert between snapshots by multi-points restoration technology.


Automatic snapshots backups can be scheduled to take separated by an hour then roll back to the previous working state in the event of virus attacks or crashes. Once set, the scheduler will be following the order without your intervention. Obviously, the more frequent scheduled snapshots are set to take, the more possible that all your recent documents and system changes would be stored on the latest snapshots.

Removing Backups

Backups would be kept as long as there is space in the disk for storage, so you will have plenty of system restore points and previous versions of files. Toolwiz Time Machine can intelligently and automatically remove old snapshots from the command line in the buffer when there is no space for new ones on Time Machine, and users can even uninstall any unnecessary and unneeded backups to get more space whether the buffer stays fully or not.

How does Toolwiz Time Machine compare to conventional Windows restoration softwares?

1: The conventional multi-point restoration needs to replace MBR of the system after the installation, so that drive mapping can be working when the Windows operating system startup in real mode, otherwise consistency and continuity of its disk mapping cannot be achieved. Toolwiz uses backup architecture, without long-term MBR modifications, which will greatly reduce the compatibility problems with other products (security interception and inspection, Boot Loader, and MBR modification)

2: The conventional multi-point restoration uses INT 13 (BIOS interrupt) HOOK to achieve the mapping of disk read-and-write, which will reduce the performance of the system (limited memory in real mode, disk read-and-write largest unit no more than 127 sectors, LBA address not supporting more than 2TB disks), and on the other hand will lead to no security of INT 13 HOOK (suddenly shutdown, can not guarantee the integrity of the system power-down maps, etc.). While Toolwiz multi-point restoration doesn’t use INT 13 Hook, without intercepting and storing in the system in real mode start-up phase. Therefore, no compatibility issues would happen for multiple operating systems

3: The disk filter driver technology is applied in the conventional multi-point restoring system and it has to take a long-term mapping for disk read-and-write (beginning from the first snapshot until the software is uninstalled), and it would skip filter driver directly to disk read-and-write if system suddenly is powered off, blue, sleep, etc. and potential risks would be there. But Toolwiz is totally safe, since the backup architecture Time Machine applied doesn’t have to perform disk mapping all the time.

4: The conventional multi-point recovery software has to take a long-term mapping for disk read-and-write, all the snapshots existing in the mapping, and therefore all modifications on the disk drive are restored under the mapping "illusion" (such as a user installed several large softwares, but in fact, they were not installed in a real system, but in the mapping). There is a high risk that the user data would be lost when something wrong with multi-point reduction or be forced to upload. Unlike that, you can stop or close Toolwiz Time Machine anytime without data loss. Toolwiz multi-point restoration technology associating with single point restoration technology, help you quickly restore all of your data even the system, and provide you a special directory for keeping the changes.

5: The conventional multi-point recovery software can not tell whether the disk read-and-write can worth be backed up and mapped or not, and all the modifications can be mapped or not. For example, when users burn CDs, it will produce hundreds of megabytes of temporary files, whose modifications would be mapped by the traditional multi-point reduction, which will result to buffer depletion even the serious data loss of users since when the buffer is depleted, and these conventional multi-point restoration can not continue to work.

6: Toolwiz Time Machine uses the backup-type architecture - each restore point is a snapshot of the current backup system, and intelligent optimization algorithm to modify part of the newly created file - only their file properties instead of file contents, which would avoid the buffer depletion. Meanwhile Toolwiz Time Machine can intelligently and automatically remove old snapshots in the buffer to make room for the new ones when there is no space for new ones on Time Machine, and users can even uninstall any unnecessary and unneeded backups to get more space even though whether the buffer stays fully or not, which can not be achieved by the conventional multi-point restoration

7. Toolwiz Time Machine supports snapshot mapping; developers can mount a snapshot at any time as a separate partition and you can find your files or folders from the previous snapshots. You can also mount the system disk before the rollback as a partion, so certain types of files would not be restored after roll-back (developers can copy the files of the system before rollback to the current system).

8. Toolwiz Time Machine spends longer time to take a rollback than the conventional multi-point restoring softwares because we apply back-up architecture that can recover the backed up data when rolling back, which can benefit users to backup the snapshots.

To install Toolwiz Time Machine

1. First, read the information, and click Next.

    If you have any questions about setup, click Help, we will get you up and running.

    Tip: It is recommended that you should close all other applications before continuing.

2. On the License Agreement page, read the license agreement. If you agree to the terms of the license agreement, click Accept.

3. Select a path where you want to install Toolwiz Time Machine, then click Next.

4. On the Optional Settings page, configure the size of the file which includes all the snapshots for Time Machine, and then click Next.

5. Click Install, it would work for no more than a minute.

6. Click Yes, restart the computer now, the computer will reboot now to complete the installation.