• Toolwiz Cleaner
    ToolWiz Cleaner

    A small and exquisite tool to clean, accelerate, optimize and manage your android phones with just a simple click or gentle shake with no root permission.

  • Toolwiz Care
    ToolWiz Care

    It is equipped with 40+ maintenance tools and 50+ powerful built-in utilities to unleash the full speed of your PC and strengthen the security of privacy.

  • Toolwiz Time Freeze
    ToolWiz Time Freeze

    An easy and effective instant system restore software to protect your PC from any undesired changes & malicious threats as well as data loss prevention.

  • Toolwiz Time Machine
    ToolWiz Time Machine             

    It schedules automatic system snapshots hourly to backup your PC so to have an  instant  recovery of your entire system and disk partition.

  • Toolwiz BSafe
    ToolWiz BSafe

    An easy-to-use personal encryption system, using AES 256 encryption to help professional and novice users  effectively protect their precious data.

  • Toolwiz Pretty Photo
    ToolWiz Pretty Photo

    It offers a collection of both standard and special photo effects to enrich your photo editing, bringing you an interesting collage experience.

  • Toolwiz Game Boost
    ToolWiz Game Boost

    It creates you the coolest online game experience by defragmenting game directories, cleaning RAM and temporarily shutting down all unneeded processes.

  • Toolwiz Password Safe
    ToolWiz Password Safe

    A fast and efficient password generator and manager, which can create numerous passwords from 6 to 128 characters, including letters, numbers and special symbols.

  • Toolwiz File Recovery
    ToolWiz File Recovery

    It can instantly recover all  files that have been deleted or formatted due to virus infection, malicious attacks, unexpected shutdown or any other unknown logical reasons.

  • Toolwiz Flipbook
    ToolWiz FlipBook

    A practical ebook converter and reader, which can create standalone 3D virtual books from standard text files and support over 200+ effects while flipping the book.

  • Toolwiz Video Player and Converter
    ToolWiz Player and Converter

    A smart and powerful video/audio converter and player,supporting 30+ input formats and 10+ output profiles and independently operating without any external codecs. 

  • Toolwiz Remote Backup
    ToolWiz Remote Backup

    It helps administrators troubleshoot computers remotely, backup your PC ahead of time and restore your PC system to initial state whenever necessary.

  • Toolwiz Smart Defrag
    ToolWiz Smart Defrag

    It accelerates your PC by giving your hard drive a 1000% performance increase through analyzing and defragging discontinuous files or folders in a flash.