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ToolWiz Time Freeze
It is an easy and effective instant system restore software through creating a virtual environment as a copy of the real system, to keep your PC away from any undesired changes as well as malicious threats, such as spywares, undetectable worm,Trojan virus and so forth.
ToolWiz Photos
Toolwiz Photos is the best all-in-one PRO photo editor on Android. It offers a superior way to make creative and gorgeous photos by providing powerful tools with many one-tap effects which are easy to use. It’s simple and powerful, turns everyone into pro photographer.
ToolWiz Cleaner
Toolwiz Cleaner is a small and exquisite app used to clean, accelerate, optimize and manage your android phones with just a simple click or a gentle shake.
ToolWiz Privacy
Toolwiz Privacy is the first APP in the world to protect you from big data tracking. It can keep your personal information safe by putting it in the sandbox and thus avoid privacy leakage.
ToolWiz AppLocker
Toolwiz App Lock(LockWiz) is an open source project from Toolwiz. It offers an amazing way to protect your privacy and security on your Android phone. With LockWiz, you will never worry about the leakage of your personal sensitive data.
Smart Battery
Toolwiz Smart Battery offers a creative way to extend battery life through stopping APPs from auto running in the background. You can put your APPs into Low Power Freeze mode, Lock Screen Sleep mode, Deep Sleep mode to boost battery life.
ToolWiz Mac Boost
Best all in one speed up and optimizer solution for Mac system.
ToolWiz Time Machine
It is a powerful rollback utility applied to prevent data loss and improve PC security, by means of scheduling automatic system snapshots hourly to backup your PC so to have an instant and comprehensive recovery of your entire system and disk partition.
ToolWiz BSafe
It is an easy-to-use personal encryption system, based on AES 256 encryption to help both professional and novice users effectively protect their precious data. A virtual disk as well as numbers of safes will be created on your computer to provide you with the strongest protection.
ToolWiz Pretty Photo
It offers a large collection of both standard and special photo effects to enrich your photo editing, without any training or special skill requirements on you. Not only will it bring you an interesting collage experience, but it will also make any of your photos peculiar to others.
ToolWiz Smart Defrag
It helps maximize your PC performance through analyzing and defragging discontinuous files or folders in a flash. Also, it consolidates free disk space by compaction to impede the recovery of old fragments and prepares sufficient space to avoid the occurrence of new fragments.
ToolWiz Password Safe
It is a fast and efficient password generator and manager, which can create numerous passwords from 6 to 128 characters, including letters, numbers and any other special symbols. You are able to generate random passwords of any length to guard your info security.
ToolWiz File Recovery
It can instantly recover all files that have been deleted or formatted due to virus infection, malicious attacks, unexpected shutdown or any other unknown logical reasons. All you need to do is scan to locate your deleted or lost files and then click to get your missing files or folders back.
ToolWiz Game Boost
It creates the most smooth, the most stable and the coolest online game experience for you by optimizing processor performance, defragmenting game directories, cleaning RAM, temporarily shutting down all unneeded processes and focusing all of the system resources.
ToolWiz Player and Converter
It is a software that consists of two components, one for viewing videos and listening to music in various formats and the other for performing multimedia conversions with ease. With the build-in codecs, it supports nearly all popular video and audio formats.
ToolWiz FlipBook
It is a practical and multinational eBook converter and reader for Windows PC users, which can create 3D virtual books from standard text files. Not only can it work as a standalone app without additional plugins, but it also supplies 200+ effects while buliding and flipping the book.
ToolWiz Remote Backup
It helps administrators troubleshoot computers remotely, backup your PC ahead of time and restore your PC system to initial state whenever necessary. Absolutely, it is a very powerful "precautionary tool" to prevent information loss from some accidental PC things, such as system crash.
ToolWiz DuplicateFinder For MAC
Locate and remove duplicate files fast and efficiently to free up storage space and avoid unnecessary disk space usage on Mac.