ToolWiz Care
  • Best Free Optiomizer Suite with 40+ maintenance tools and 50+ powerful built-in utilities
  • Fix all kinds of PC problems(Registry Errors, Junk Files and so on) with just a few clicks
  • Speed up system, Improve your PC’s performance and Protect your security
  • Light, Simple, Safe and Free, Compatible with other security products
  • Suitable for all Windows users, from beginners thru experts
  • Virtualization technology to put your system into sandbox on the fly
  • One click to backup the Registry/MBR/Hosts and you can restore them any time
  • Multilingual, Supporting 10+ languages

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Date : 03/11/2014
Size : 7.3 MB
License : Freeware
Supported : win7(32/64bit)/win8(32/64bit)/Vista(32/64bit)
Hardware : 500 MHz processor/512MB RAM/2GB hard disk




Toolwiz Care is a free tool kit designed by Toolwiz Team to speed up your slow PC. With a multi-functional optimization suite, this Windows system optimizer provides a collection of tools which includes System Checkup, System Cleanup, System Speedup, System Security and 40+ powerful tools, 50+ powerful built-in utilities to enhance your PC performance, local and network security, and optimize the start-up procedure.


Check up your system on a regular basis with just a simple click to help improve your system performance and keep it faster and safer.

  • Scheduled Checkup Mode: allow you to set a schedule for when ToolWiz automatically checks up your PC.

1-click to clean up your Registry errors, Junk files, and Private data and allow you to analyze your hard drive to free up valuable disk space and speed up your system to make it run like new.

  • Registry errors: registry errors would slow down your system and may even cause system crash
  • Disk Cleanup: junk files would occupy your disk space and slow down your system
  • Private data: remove traces of Internet browsing histories to protect your privacy
  • Disk Analyze: analyze your hard drive and give you a detailed report on the result

1-click to speed up your PC to ensure fast, stable, secure system by optimizing your network settings, hard disc, memory and CPU.

  • Fast Defrag: provide extremely fast, efficient and intelligent defragmentation to your hard drives for faster file loading and high disk performance.
  • Startup Optimizer: a list of all the startup programs displays with a check box, and you can disable or delay loading for any of them to speed up your boost process.
  • Startup Report: allow you to monitor your startup time performance and give you suggestions to help speed up your boot-up time.
  • System Optimizer: help you identify items that should be optimized to tune up your system.

Help you manage plugins, Internet programs, running processes and Windows Services installed in your system to secure your PC.

  • Plugin Manager: scan all the plugins installed in your system and allow you to get rid of any undesired items.
  • Network Manager: the current list shows all the program that are connected to the Internet and allows you to close connection or terminate process of any your undesired programs.
  • Process Manager: allow you to view a list of all processes currently running on your computer and the amount of CPU each process or application is consuming, and to end certain processes using large amounts of CPU to increase your computer's speed and loading time.
  • Service Manager: monitor all the services that are running on a Windows server and allow you to disable/enable any of them.
App Manager

Provide you with detailed information of all programs installed in you computer, and with the best Windows programs we collected for all your needs.

  • Uninstall Software: give you detailed information of all programs installed in your computer and allow you to easily uninstall any of them.
  • Recommended Software: we offer best Windows programs for you and you may also recommend some you like to us.
Picked Features

Keep your system safe and protect your computer from any undesired changes & malicious threats to optimize your PC resources and improve efficiency.

Shut down temporarily background processes and unnecessary Windows services, clean RAM and intensify processor performance to speed up game play, increase gaming stability, and concentrate all available system resources for gaming only.

Protect your eyes away from strain with scheduled reminder. Gently remind you to take a rest away from the monitor on a regular basis by locking your computer.

Prohibit your files from being changed, viewed and accessed by others to protect your files from being infected by virus or stolen by Trojans.

Guard your system and notify you each time when new item is added to Startup List to to provide you with full control over the startup items, programs, processes or services.

Remote File Backup feature allow you to backup/download the files from a remote PC even that PC is damaged. You need not to install any software in the remote PC.

Create as many as Safes in your system and put your important data or privacy files in the Safe, and no one can open the Safe and see the content without correct password.

Provide a simple and convenient way to do a complete backup and restore of your valuable files and folders: the whole Registry, Master Boot Record, the Network and the Hosts File with a simple click.

With Picture Editor and 30+ great built-in image filters, 20+ built-in professional graphics tools, you can modify your photos and make them look better with only few clicks.

The Password Manager feature helps you to manage your password, account and other private information. All the databases are encrypted with AES-256 and you can easily export and import the database.

Small TIP
Uninstallation of an older version is NOT required. You can just simply download and install the lastest version, as the installation will automatically overwrite the old one.

"Is it free for all users?"

Yes, it is. No matter which kind of user you are, No matter where you want to use it, you can use it for free.

"Where is ToolWiz Care Installed?"

ToolWiz Care is, by default, installed onto your System drive (usually C:/). If you have altered the installation file folder, please do a search on your

computer to find it.

"Is ToolWiz Pretty Photo the same as Picture Editor in ToolWiz Care?"

Before Version 1.1, ToolWiz Pretty Photo and Picture Editor were essentially the same. From Pretty Photo Version 1.1 onward, Pretty Photo has included more

Special Objects Preset offering more editing features to uses to enrich your photo editing experience, and thus Pretty Photo started to offer more than Picture Editor.

Nevertheless, Picture Editor will continue to offer the light-weight essential features of photo editing features.

"Do I still need Pretty Photo, if I'm already using Picture Editor from ToolWiz Care?"

Of course, we'd like you to have both installed. However, If you do not use Beautify and Add Objects a lot, Picture Editor is certainly

sufficient for your usage. Nevertheless, if you want to play more with Special Objects, we highly recommend you to install a copy of ToolWiz Pretty Photo.

"Why can't I add/lock ToolWiz Care to Task Bar?"

ToolWiz Care already has its position at system icon tray, it is designed not to duplicate.

" How to install the ToolWiz Care?"

You can download the installation file from the download button above. Once downloaded, double click the installation file and follow the wizard instruction to

install ToolWiz Care.

"Should I uninstall the old version before install the new one?"

No, you can just install the new version without uninstalling the old version, as the old version will be automatically overwritten by the new installation. If

you chooese to uninstall the old version, please make sure to restart your system first, and then install the new version.

"How can I get support on ToolWiz Care?"

We recommend you to send a email to Alternatively, you can send us messages or leave us comments on our Facebook page. Please do send us a

screen capture to illustrate your problem so we can understand it better and help you solve the problem/issue you have encountered. All feedback is welcomed.

To install Toolwiz Care

1. On the Toolwiz Care Installation Wizard, do the following things:

  • Read the End User License Agreement (EULA). If you agree to the terms of the license agreement, click I have read and agreed with EULA.
  • Specify the Install Path where you want to save Tollwiz Care.
  • Choose your preferred Language for the program.
  • Click Create System Restore Point. A restore point is created before proceeding, so you can undo the changes if they don't fix your problem.

2. Next, select one from the following:

  • Click Install Now, and then the system will intall on your PC.
  • Click Run Without Installing, if want to execute the program without installation.


3.  Now the installation is completed. Enjoy!

User Review

Toolwiz Care Manual - Toolwiz Care user video feedback - by Stella

"ToolWiz Care is an all-in-one system cleaning and optimizing tool. It's designed to help users boost the performance of older PCs by cleaning out junk files and entries and defragmenting disk drives." -CNET Editors' Review

Software Informer Awards"ToolWiz Care helps you speed up your Windows-based PC and keep it in best performance conditions.This complex yet easy to use application will offer you a complete set of tools which will help you boost the overall performance level and the network security of your computer."

FindMySoft Awards"ToolWiz Care features a very wide range of tools for solving all sorts of problems, performing maintenance tasks and much more. If the iPhone's unofficial motto is "There's an app for that", the same can be said about ToolWiz Care. The only difference is that ToolWiz Care is free."

"ToolWiz Care is a comprehensive system tune up application that comes with a large collection of system utilities and optimization tools, all designed to clean, optimize and tweak components of your computer for better performance." –Addictivetips

It is very light and easy, also free. Have many other

It is small but it has many functions beyond our imagination. The Fast Defrag of the Toolwiz Care is faster than computer's. -

This free tool has so many features it's hard to believe it's free. I've used many tune up tools and this seems to beat them all. Some of features I really like are Registry Backup, backs up the hole registry which can come in handy for many reason. MBR backup, never know when you might need this but it's nice to have. A Process Manger that lets you disable or delay the start of a program. Can really speed up start up time. Time Freeze - this makes virtualization very easy. It clones your system, allowing you to do what you want on the internet and not worry about getting infected because if you do just restart and all changes are gone. There is also a Virtual Safe, Password Manager, Password Generator. I just can't list all of the things it does. I've only had it a short time and no problems but I would recommend backing up all your setting if you use this. So far I have not found a easy way to change back things that have been changed -

I was highly surprised at just how packed full of tools this software was. I used TimeFreeze already but this added system monitoring tools to the bar which was a nice surprise. There are too many tools to mention and all of them do a great job. All in all, this is "if nothing else" a great free utility. The app manager, security, clean up, all very good and worked well without destroying anything important, very impressed. -

Didn't even know this utility existed until a few days ago. After installing it and running a first scan, the immediate result was absolutely amazing. I couldn't believe how fast my computer had become. Before using TWC my computer was sluggish. But no more. Now it is running like a Ferrari.. .I kid you not! Wonderful program and I highly recommend it. And like another reviewer, TWC is all I need . -

Until then I will from time to time with the computer (Lenovo) comes with the Disk Cleanup Disk Cleanup and defragment. Each I will have to wait for several hours. Since I download the Toolwiz Care which is recommended by a friend.There's a good use Fast Defrag .De-fragments the hard drive with it’s smart engine, keep the PC running efficiently and prevent the formation of other fragmented files.-

Good set of well written utilities that cover an unusual variety of types. I tried most of the utilities and they work well and have optional settings for different user experience levels. -

It is small but it has many functions beyond our imagination. The app manager, security, clean up, all very good and worked well without destroying anything important, very impressed.-

It is a comprehensive system tune up application that comes with a large collection of system utilities and optimization tools, all designed to clean, optimize and tweak components of your computer for better performance.-

This is the best free software I used Though is small,it has many useful tools.This program erases more than what you ask for..-

My PC used to work pretty low. But Toolwiz fixed it. It's amazing!-

Great! If you dig deeper, you can unlock some very powerful features of this free software package.-

Can't say how much i love this freeware. My PC used to be low on memory, but Toolwiz fixed it. Completely cleaned out my PC.-

It is small but it has many functions beyond our imagination. The app manager, security, clean up, all very good and worked well without destroying anything important, very impressed.-

The main Toolwiz Care options like Registry cleaning and disk cleanup worth a try, and they are very lightweight, consuming barely more than 11MB of your valuable hard drive space.-

It is small but it has many functions beyond our imagination. The app manager, security, clean up, all very good and worked well without destroying anything important, very impressed. -

Simply reboot to restore your system to the previous state. Keep the actual system in a constant state, keep your system safe and protect your computer from unwanted changes. Very useful. -

Found last night! It’s owesome! Cleaned out my PC completely and fast. I can’t believe this is my PC, which is 10 times faster than before. Will remain this. -

Owesome. Fixed all my PC's errors. It is 100 times faster than before. It's the truth! -

Fixed all my PC problems. Unbelievable performance! -

This is nice PC cleaner programer. It's quick and easy to use. You can clean out your registry and folders. It fixes things. The best part about the program is that it's free! -

This is a comprehensive system tune up application that comes with a large collection of system utilities and optimization tools.-

Better than any other tools i used before. Must-have definitely!-

em 13/9/2013 - versão:
Ai ... Amei, muito bom !!!
em 23/8/2013 - versão:
Programa indispensável parabéns desenvolvedores
em 22/8/2013 - versão:
O programa é fora de duvida alguma, uma das joias raras da internete. Não dá para ter uma conexão sem possuir uma programa desses ou mesmo um outro similar.
em 14/8/2013 - versão:
esse programa é tudo de bom!! meu pc tava orrível.tive que formatar 3x em um mês devido a um vírus que fazia sumir a restauração de sistema e o painel de controle, tbm impedia de instalar alguns programas. depois que baixei esse programa tudo voltou ao normal!! tou muito feliz .ele é facil de usar.baixem sem medo. DEUS ABENÇOE A TODOS!!!
em 15/6/2013 - versão:
Já usei outros programas do gênero, mas esse realmente me surpreendeu com sua funcionalidade, ele realmente cumpre o que promete.
Moon da Silva
em 15/6/2013 - versão:
Pesssoal, esse programa é muito bom e completo, te ate como vc mecher com fotos nele. Tem desfragmentador sim e é em portugues.
Victor Hugo
em 15/6/2013 - versão:
eu gostei (y)
em 15/6/2013 - versão:
o melhor que tive a oportunidade de usar. eu testo varios programas e esse foi o melhor. em relação ao idioma ele suporta o português-brasileiro
em 19/5/2013 - versão:
Falta apenas um desfragmentador de hd. Mas ele deixou meu pc mais rápido o que o Advanced SystemCare e TuneUp Utilities não deixaram.
em 30/3/2013 às 22:48h - versão:
excelente programa de limpeza , com muitas opções ... recomendo .
em 27/3/2013 às 13:18h - versão:
Estou indicando este programa aos meus amigos.
em 4/3/2013 às 12:54h - versão:
O programa é muito bom, muito útil, e merece ser instalado.
em 25/2/2013 às 12:01h - versão:
excelente programa realmente cumpre o diz, agora também tem a versão em português, e ótimo para verificar o computador em geral, e ainda da pra saber como anda o desempenho da sua net, ele tem um barra de ferramentas a onde fica constantemente verificando a sua velocidade muito interessante e muito bom.
Recomendo!!!!!!!!!!!! otimo
Thiago da Silva
em 30/1/2013 às 09:51h - versão:
Bom, o Toolwiz Care é um bom programa, só que o baixaki deu uma informação errada: o Toolwiz Care já tem tradução para o Português Brasil! Vem com vários recursos Recomendo!
Hilmar Ferreira Baptista
em 29/1/2013 às 19:27h - versão:
Já existe versão em Portugues
em 29/1/2013 às 14:42h - versão:
Gostaria de saber porque os dos outros usuarios esta em ingles?O meu na instalação dá a opção de escolher o idioma, amei...muito bom mesmo!
em 29/1/2013 às 14:42h - versão:
Mateus Alves em 29/1/2013 às 13:58h - versão:
Armando Francisco
em 12/12/2012 às 15:03h - versão:

O melhor programa do gênero que já testei.
Parabens aos produtores. Vale dez estrelas.

alessandro rosa
em 12/12/2012 às 00:41h - versão:
Um ótimo programa realmente ele faz oque promete fazer, acabei de abaixar e ele fez uma otíma limpeza no meu sistema
em 11/12/2012 às 22:17h - versão:
Realmente é um ótimo programa, não muito pesado e pode ser executado sem instalação.
em 25/10/2012 às 01:27h - versão:
Amigos do Baixaki e o pessoal que quer um bom otimizador: vale a pena testar Toolwiz Care. Apesar de não ser famoso, nem vir de um grande centro de informática (a sede da empresa fica em Cingapura, um dos Tigres Asiáticos ), o programa é mesmo bom! Como diz a descrição dele aqui, é pequeno, não atrapalha nada, tem inúmeras funções de limpeza e otimização, onde vc. pode escolher o que excluir. Exemplo: nas exclusões do Registro do Windows, vc., clicando com o lado direito do mouse, pode ir até o registro e verificar se o valor da chave é zero, para poder excluir sem medo de prejudicar o SO do Windows e ter que formatar. Fiz isso com três exclusões que o Toolwiz indicou e estavam mesmo zeradas. tinha um monte de arquivos e chaves de programas desinstalados lá, só que fui limpar os navegadores e sem querer, apaguei todas as indicações encontradas no registro para deletar, distração minha. Até agora, o SO está ótimo, sem problemas, o note mais rápido, estável, ou seja, o que esse software indicou para excluir, era lixo mesmo! Isso indica que o programa é sério e indica o que realmente não serve mais para deletar. mesmo assim, oriento os usuários que verifiquem os registros antes de apagar o que lá tiver. Mas com este meu erro, deu para perceber que ele não sai jogando fora DLLs, pastas úteis, arquivos de softwares instalados, etc. Está totalmente em português, tem atualizações constantes, o que prova a preocupação dos desenvolvedores em aprimorar sempre o Toolwiz Care. Ele ainda tem uma tela que por um minuto, mostra uma paisagem para que vc. possa descansar os olhos de hora em hora, excelente! Baixei aqui mesmo, uso tb. o CCleaner e o Jet Clean, tb. ótimos. Os três são pequenos, não pesam no HD. Mas quem preferir, pode ficar só com este aplicativo. Eu, prefiro combinar, pois também confio nos outros que citei, baixados aqui tb. Outra coisa: é totalmente grátis, sem precisar procurar chave para instalar ( como o AshampooWinOptimizer 2012, por exemplo..) e nem comprar a tal chave. Eu tive por teste, o TuneUp Utilities, muito bom tb., mas tem que comprar, não dá pra mim. Este resolve e é de graça! Podem baixar que ele limpa sem fazer estragos. Abs.
em 13/9/2012 às 20:05h - versão:
Programa completo para quem quer manter seu sistema sem colesterol ruim ou muito triglicérides. Funciona muito bem e possui tradução para o português sim.
Nota mil.
em 5/8/2012 às 21:37h - versão:
Já na versão 200.300, o programa vem sendo aprimorado nas suas diversas funções. Deixou meu PC mais rápido com certeza. Vale muito a pena ter este software instalado porque além de tudo, não pesa no sistema. È muito bom memso!!!
em 4/4/2012 às 12:50h - versão:
Os programadores dessa empresa são mágicos?
como é que eles fazem um programão desses nesse tamanhozinho??? rsrsrs....
o programa é muito bom, tem um pessoal reclamando, mas aqui em casa funcionou perfeitamente... uso ele e o ccleaner e não tenho o que reclamar...
em 24/3/2012 às 23:29h - versão:
A quantidade de ferramentas que o software oferece é impressionante, bem acima dos outros da categoria. Ainda estou testando, mas pude sentir algumas sutis mudanças. Mesmo o fato de estar em inglês é minimizado pela interface bem organizada, e ele ainda dispõe de uma ferramenta para que você mesmo o traduza para seu idioma se assim desejar. Com tantas funcionalidades, há muitas razões para testá-lo no seu PC.
Alan Galdino
em 21/3/2012 às 01:16h - versão:
Já fiz alguns testes para escaneamento e reparos, mas o que realmente é funciona, pra mim, é a opção Speed up (Acelerar), com ele eu otimizo a memória e processos que estão tomando espaço naquele exato momento, por exemplo, a memória está superior a 90%, então ele pode diminuir para 65% - 70% eliminando o acumulo da memória.
em 20/3/2012 às 20:20h - versão:
Muito bom. tem varias ferramentas ótimas.
gostei muito.