Toolwiz Cleaner
  • One Click to boost your android phone's performance
  • Clean cache and junk files to recover the space
  • Kill background tasks and free up system RAM
  • Manage your APPs and protect your privacy
  • Speed up your Games for better performance
Date: 04/22/2014
License: Freeware
Requires : Android

Toolwiz Cleaner is a must-have cleaner app for all android users. Just like all the other products from Toolwiz  team, Toolwiz cleaner also is totally free. It is easy and effective, providing comprehensive methods and wonderful tools to clean, boost and optimize your android phones with just a simple click, no root permission required. With Toolwiz Cleaner, you can keep your Android phone always working at peak performance!

Toolwiz Cleaner User Satisfaction Survey

One-Click Clean

Check & Clean up & Speed up & Optimize your Android device for better performance with just a simple click.

Privacy Manager

Erase your personal information like SMS/MMS, browsing history, call logs, App logs, App packages on your android phone to protect your online security and privacy.

Junk Files Cleaner

Eliminate hordes of junk files that riddle your device by quickly emptying cache and residual files to release valuable storage space and to prevent slowdowns.

Memory Boost

Kill your undesirable background running tasks and release RAM to speed up your Android device and extend battery life.

App Manager

Uninstall unwanted Apps & APKs to free up the storage space;
Easy to move Apps to SD card and move Apps to phone internal storage.

More Features
  • Little Widget: Just shake your phone to boost it with scanning, repairing and optimizing your android systems ensures that you have enough system resources for smooth and responsive operation.
User reviews
Toolwiz Cleaner Manual - Toolwiz Cleaner user video feedback


Helps a lot in cleaning the phone! Would recommend to others. Thanks.


Great app. Easy to use. Nice graphics. Easy to understand what you're doing and what you've gained.


This little app seems to help It's free, so that's good.


Easy to use, Really good job cleaning up everything. Excellent app really works.


Great app does exactly what it says it does.Best cleaner app on the market. It is a definite must have for anyone.

Yjjomwxeu Oxqnllepj

It was easy to manage my apps and to see how much space I had left on my phone.Made removing apps easy.

Robert Valdez

This app has been very useful in keeping my phone running fast and smooth.

Eugene Wong

Great way to keep Phone clean very fast running and keeps my phone clean of the unwanted....cleans fast and great!


So far I'm very happy with this app. It did what it was suppose to do. No problems, it worked flawlessly.


I love this app. It always cleans and keeps things running smoothly. This works really well on my phone.


This app was wonderful. Without removing any important files or personal data, i removed almost a good chunk of ram.


This app is awesome, that says it all! We love the fact that it reminds us before we have to do it.


Easy to understand and use, even for a novice like me. I use it almost daily to keep my phone running smoothly.


The services that this application provides are pristine and extremely helpful. Any android device would benefit from this application greatly with proper use and understanding of its intentions and capabilities.


It's very good at keeping my phone clean.Would re commend it too everyone. It really does as app said it would.


Good tool for cleaning your phone! Works well improves ecially like it when it reminds me to clean up my junk files.

David Paige

This is sure a really nice app your phone will run a whole lot faster with Toolwiz Cleaner And best of all it also free.


This app is easy, quick, and kind of fun to use. I've had no problems since I started using this app. Best advice: try it yourself.


Use this all the time to clean out the ramevaluate which programs I'm not using to shut them down. It takes a few MBs but well worth it.


This app is a necessity. I use it constantly to clear up my memory because I have a habit of running too many apps at once. It lets me know about my junk files.

David Paige

It does the job and easy to use! And the best part it's FREE. And the best part it's FREE. End to my friends!

Gavin Carter

This app is terrific. I use it for my phone. I think it is a great app to add to my device.

Oscar Bell

One of the best cleaning apps ever i had a notice about my memory.

Jeremiah Clive

Good. A beautifully made app that increases the capabilities of your device.

Dylan charles

Great App. I was able to free a lot of space from my internal storage.

Hui Li

Works to delete unused applications cache. Gave it 5 stars but others may disagree.


It does what it is suppose to do, simple as that. Use routinely for cleaning out clutter, especially for browser history.

Antonio Cecil

Don't hesitate, this gives all your options on what to clean up. I have found it to be very useful.

Jacob Adams

This is the best cleaner I have come across. It is fast and does a great job of freeing up space.

Xavier Eddy

great Great interface,it helped to free up a lot of space after I had erased a lot of apps.

Dakota Anderson

Removing an app you don't use or have less use for is easy and fast I highly recommend getting this app ASAP. LOVE IT.

Ethan christian

So far so good. Right now l seem happy with this app. I will tell my friends about it. Thanks.

Eric peters

It's a great app and it accomplishes what it promises! Freed up a good bit of memory,I definitely recommend it.

Wyatt Dale

My friend told me about it because my phone was slow and not working right so he downloaded it for me. My phone is running so much better now.

Trinity Cecil

Great app. This app made my phone work so much better I still don't believe it. I should have downloaded this app sooner, I wish I would have found it sooner.

Tristan Arnold

Save up space. It deletes about 1 gb of cache and temp files,and the task killer made me delete my other installed ones just for this.

Julian Campbell

This is a great app. Did a good job of cleaning unnecessary files. Would recommend it to anyone.

Sam Howell

Do a terrific job. Clean as junk files, temp files, cache. Also cleans up tasks and has a privacy and an app manager.

Haman zheng

Ok! It protects my phone.

Paul B

Excellent! I've use many cleaner before! I but this one is really outstanding!!!!!!

Yizhai Wei

I finally found that is good I just hold try attitude to use the Toolwiz Cleaner , I finally found that is good, especially the torch and heart rate monitoring is very useful.


Excellent. One of the best apps I have ever used.


すごい発明ですね!! 徹底的に整理し、簡単でかいそくと思います。

ruel Calda

Good app. Try it now.

Crystal Schulte

Love it! Easy way to speed up my phone and free space.


Toolwiz Cleaner is a must have. You'll see how much space that you don't need be freed.


App is free, efficient, and does it very quickly. Has various useful functions.

Kristina Simpson

A little magic Since I installed it on my phone, fewer crank calls have I received.


To be frank, to some extent, it is worth of a compliment for its being put into practice in such a short time.

Rita Cannon

Umm, it’s another convenient and fast approach to uninstalling my unwanted applications.


Most useful for inexperienced users. Most of what it does you could do yourself. Nice app!! I would recommend for other users.


I like this because it has many features. It can be a task manager, it can delete history and also an application manager. So useful.


It's a great app. It accomplishes what it promises! Freed up a good bit of memory, I definitely recommend it.

Jinhui Feng

Anytime it starts to bog down, I just "clean" it and it's just like new again. Gave it 5 stars.


Good!A very competent and responsible phone manager.

Robin Yi

Amazing!It's worth being owned.

Gwen Hicks

I like it. i think it has a lot to inprove.

Riling Chen

Good it's so useful.


This is marvelous and easy to use. Certainly glad I downloaded it.


This is the easiest and most professional app for cleaning your system.


Great app This app made my work so much better I still don't believe it. I should have downloaded this app sooner, I wish I would have found it sooner.


I really like this app. It does what it's supposed to do.

Parsons Jim

Good Toolwiz is good ,If PC or the toolwiz cleaner for android.


good 本当にかわいいものじぁ。とても好きだ.

Tenzin T.

Toolwiz is great. If PC or Android: Toolwiz rulez!Abhijeet Verma

Abhijeet Thanks for android version.

Tumaz Write

Seems excellent Deleted my other one.thanks

Conrad Brookes

Good Awesome


Programa excelente!Limpa a memória do celular e a do cartão, deixou meu android mais rápido.


smaller memory, tiny, convient, safer


I do not know if you have the same feelings, after the phone is used for a long time ,it run more slowly, has less and less space. My phone is so, really annoying. I went to find some clean-up software on the internet. In fact,they are all very good, but my space is running out, so I chose the Toolwiz Cleaner.It is not like other software, there are many additional features rarely used.


Small memory, quick click to clean up. umm, I prefer that app.


I do like it. Tiny, safe, convenient.

Joe Reid

Amazing! Helped me free up much storage space. Will remain it!

Laura Lu

I find it is very useful, help me clean my phone. Thanks.


A truly reliable phone manager. Just like a guard, dutifully manages and protects your phone. It's worth being owned.

Charlie Theron

Used for a while. Quite light. I do love the software, especially one of its features, the heart rate detector. Helped our families a lot!


Saved a lot of ­storage space o­n my phone. Gre­at performace!


I think it's ve­ry special,does­n't have many a­dditional funct­ions.


tidy app, I like that.


I think it's good.I think the heartrate is wonderful.

Steven Vazquez

Pretty good Nice

Mohammad Saifullah

Awesome Quit beautifully. Love it.