Toolwiz File Recovery
  • A perfect undelete combination of speed, accuracy and simplicity.
  • Scan to locate your deleted or lost files in minutes.
  • Get your missing files or folders back with a single click.

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Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (both 32bit and 64bit)
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Have you ever deleted or lost files accidently?

Don’t panic though - there's a good chance that your files are still intact, somewhere on the disc. When files are deleted from your computer, they don’t disappear all at once. Instead, the links that allow you to access those files are removed, but the file itself remains on your drive. And if you act quickly then you may be able to recover everything.

All you need is a reliable free undelete software to run a deep scan and perform a quick recovery. Toolwiz File Recovery is exactly the one what you are looking for, the one helps you to rescue all your missing data.

File Really Missing?

Toolwiz File Recovery relies on the fact that when a user deletes a file (or empties the wastebasket or recycle bin) the contents of the file aren't physically obliterated on the disk, but rather the file is simply flagged as deleted. More precisely, the space it occupies is marked as available for writing. This means that the older the file, the less chance there is of successful recovery because it’s more likely to have been overwritten by another newer file.


Toolwiz File Recovery processes the whole hard drive surface detecting all possible deleted data: it runs a Quick Scan that lists deleted files in a click and few seconds, runs a Deep Scan that can intelligently scan a drive byte by byte resulting in high speed listing of many more deleted and lost files, and runs a Full Scan that can detect deleted/lost partitions and even recover files from formatted drives.


Toolwiz Files Recovery can easily and instantly recover all known file types that have been deleted or formatted due to virus infection, malicious attacks, unexpected shutdown, hardware failures, or operating system crashes, or any other unknown logical reasons, as long as the files have not been written over.


To restore a deleted file

1.Choose the drive which you want to scan, and then clicking Scan Now

You'll see a list of available previous versions folders. If the folder was at the top level of a file, for example Graphics Files, click the plus sign to open the Graphics Files.

2.Click the file or folder, and then click Recovery Selected Files

Note: If one file was deleted for a long time, Toolwiz File Recovery may not be able to recover it since the content of file could be overwritten by other files.


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Alimi Do

With this software, wecan recover your accidentally deleted files.It is reall good

Easy to use and install, excellent performance recovering from different media (such as cards and memory sticks) and different file types.

OMG, it worked perfectly, it's easy to install and use, and it's free! I am going to use the full version.
Yeva Taniel

Easy to use, fast search, had recover what i wanted. Recommended, made my day happy again.
Zabel Arax

I know it doesn't have all the features others programs have, but since its free, its a awsome program!!

This software is user-friendly, efficient and most importantly, free to use! Thanks so much!


Ease of use, works great. I thought I'd lost all my files. Got most of them back with this program.