Toolwiz Pretty Photo
There's an easy way to add photo effects and create photo collage here! You have a chance to use all the professional photo editing and collaging effects here, free of charge! You can use all of our cool photo effects without any training or special skills. ToolWiz Pretty Photo was designed not only for professional artists, but also normal users. Everything is easy and comprehensive!

ToolWiz Pretty & Collage Photo offers a collection of both standard and special tools to enrich your Pretty Photo editing and collaging experience and make your photo POP, which is Simple, Easy, Light and Powerful!

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ToolWiz Pretty Photo
Latest Version: 2.7 Release Date: 2013-02-15 File Size: 2 MB Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32-bit/64-bit)
ToolWiz Pretty Photo Standalone (Click & Run, No Installation Required)
Latest Version: 2.7 Release Date: 2013-02-15 File Size: 5 MB Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32-bit/64-bit)
Photo Frame
  • Personalize photo frames of your own
  • Fill frames and borders with stylish colors or with the pictures you like
  • Customize frame width and corner x- and y-axis
  • Multiple Intricate and beautiful corners and borders to choose from
Collage Feature (ToolWiz Collage Photo)
  • Choose from 97 pre-loaded collage patterns
  • DIY patterns; design your own backgrounds
  • Create collages with photos from your uploads, pre-made Toolwiz edits or from Toolwiz Download Server
  • Customize arrange styles, proportions, spacing and so on
  • Add text, stickers, borders and effects to your masterpiece
Photo Effect & Filter
  • 100+ professional and amazing effects including image and art filters
  • Edit photos directly from your uploads, or pre-made Toolwiz edits
  • Combine or Merge multiple Layers together - either to work on the merged image, or to form a single one
  • Apply high quality, professional photographic styles to your images with just one click
Adding Text & Objects
  • Add text, stickers, borders and effects to your photos
  • Create your unique captions and posters; write what you want to say
  • Thousands of beautiful, hand-picked stickers and shapes for your selection
  • Decorate your embellishments with basic properties and special effect
  • Move the embellishments forward or backward behind other texts and shapes
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"Is it free for all users?"

Yes, it is. No matter which kind of user you are, No matter where you want to use it, you can use it for free.

"Where is ToolWiz Pretty Photo Installed?"

Pretty Photo is, by default, installed onto your System drive (usually C:/). If you have altered the installation file folder, please do a search on your computer to find it.

"Is ToolWiz Pretty Photo the same as Picture Editor in ToolWiz Care?"

Before Version 1.1, ToolWiz Pretty Photo and Picture Editor were essentially the same. From Pretty Photo Version 1.1 onward, Pretty Photo has included more Special Objects Preset offering more editing features to uses to enrich your photo editing experience, and thus Pretty Photo started to offer more than Picture Editor. Nevertheless, Picture Editor will continue to offer the light-weight essential features of photo editing features.

"Do I still need Pretty Photo, if I'm already using Picture Editor from ToolWiz Care?"

Of course, we'd like you to have both installed. However, If you do not use Beautify and Add Objects a lot, Picture Editor is certainly sufficient for your usage. Nevertheless, if you want to play more with Special Objects, we highly recommend you to install a copy of ToolWiz Pretty Photo.

"Why does ToolWiz Pretty Photo have no icon?"

We are working on this. If you have any great idea, please free to share with us.

"How to install the Toolwiz Pretty Photo?"

You can download the installation file from the download button above. Once downloaded, double click the installation file and follow the wizard instruction to install ToolWiz Pretty Photo.

"Should I uninstall the old version before install the new one?"

No, you can just install the new version without uninstalling the old version, as the old version will be automatically overwritten by the new installation. If you chooese to uninstall the old version, please make sure to restart your system first, and then install the new version.

"How can I get support on ToolWiz Pretty Photo?"

We recommend you to send a email to Alternatively, you can send us messages or leave us comments on our Facebook page. Please do send us a screen capture to illustrate your problem so we can understand it better and help you solve the problem/issue you have encountered. All feedback is welcomed.

"What is the ToolWiz Pretty Photo Lite version?"

ToolWiz Pretty Photo Lite is an executable application that does not require any installation. It works just like the ToolWiz Pretty Photo, but no prior installation. You can save it to your thumb drive or external HD so as to make it more portable.


"Toolwiz Pretty Photo is a free image editor designed to help all types of users to
Software.Informer Editor's pick awardenhance, improve, embellish, and correct their digital photographs and any other digital image. This easy-to-use editing tool offers a wide variety of objects, effects, and filters for you to adjust the original settings of your images and to make them unique with the help of your creativity." - Software.Informer.Com

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Toolwiz Pretty Photo is a photo editor designed to enhance your photos with the help of snapfiles_verygoodartistic filters, image adjustments, funny objects, speech bubbles and other annotations. You can use the software as a standard photo editor by making standard picture adjustments (curves, levels, contrast etc.) but it's real strength comes with the many non-traditional editing options that enable you to turn your photos into artistic paintings or cartoonish spoofs with fake wigs, glasses and other accessories from a built-in library of objects.

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"I gave this a 5 prior, and still do. I felt I didn't quite emphasize just how good this freebie was and it's actual capabilities last time so I mean to correct this. First of all, yes, you can add an image and edit but you can add many things like talk bubbles of many types and put text within them. The picture adjust has curves, levels, brightness and contrast and more which all work great. The beautify has color paint, like masking and image, or focus, soft light, skin changer, all rivaling adobe plugins and work very well, easy enough for anyone to use. The image filters with emboss and many more. " -

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"spent all your products,all good" -

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"spent all your products,all good" -

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