ToolWiz Player and Converter
  • Support 30+ input formats and 10+ output profiles
  • Operate independently doesn't need any external codecs
  • Perform multimedia conversions with ease
  • Supports DirectDraw DirectSound rendering
  • Without any advertisement, plug-in

Latest Version:
Release Date:2012-1-20
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (both 32bit and 64bit)
Category: Video Player and Converter
File Size: 5.7 M
Toolwiz Player and Converter is a software that consists of two components, one for viewing videos and listening to music in various formats and the other for performing multimedia conversions with ease. With the build-in codecs, it supports nearly all popular video and audio formats.
Support Multiple formats

ToolWiz Player is a smart and powerful video/audio player and converter. With the build-in codecs, it supports nearly all popular video and audio formats: .AAC;*.AC3; *.APE;*.DTS; *.FLAC; *.M4A; *.MKA; *.MP2; *.MP3; *.MPA; *.MPC; *.OFR; *.OGG; *.RA; *.TTA; *.WAV; *.WMA; *.3GP; *.ASF;*.AVI; *.AVM; *.AVS; *.DAT;*.FLV; *.MKV;*.MOV; *.MP4;*.MPEG; *.MPG;*.NSV; *.OGM;*.RM; *.RMVB;*.TP;*.TS;*.VOB;*.WMV.

Simple Interface

You can use ToolWiz Player in a very simple way, the interface can be called simple and crude, but with powerful core functions.

High –Speed Conversion

Toolwiz Converter can support high-speed conversion. Just a few seconds you can get your desired video and audio formats. Now it supports divers video and audio formats, like MPEG-4, AVI, H.264, DivX, XviD, RM, FLV, SWF, MOV, 3GP, WMV, MP3, AAC, AC3, M4A, WAV, WMA, etc.

Apply To Various Devices

ToolWiz Converter can help you to convert video, audio, and animated images to play on your PSP, PS3, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Xbox, Google phones, iPad, Nokia, Android, Zune and other digital multimedia devices.


Change log
V (Jan. 20, 2012)
  • Added Video Converter
V (Jan. 15 , 2012)
  • Changed the product name from Btows to ToolWiz
V 1.2 (Nov. 1, 2011)
  • Initial Release



"How to Install?"

Toolwiz Player and Converter is a software that consists of Player and Converter, Player for viewing videos and listening to music in various formats and Converter for performing multimedia conversions with ease. When you click “Download” of Toolwiz Player and Converter, you can get the icon of it, then double click the icon“Setup_Player”.

1.You will see next page, click “Next”.


2.You can browse different files according to yourself.Then click “Next”.


3.You can click the“Next” ,certainly you can browse various files and change files’ names.


4.Click the“Next”.


5.Click the“Finish”.


After finished, you will see the BtowsPlayer and VideoConverter. Next you can choose one according to your needs , of course ,you can open both at the same time.

"What does the icon looks like a tiny camera used to do ?"

It can be used to capture screen. When we play and view the video, we may meet our favorite pictures, then we only need to click the camera button, we can get the current picture. And it can be saved as JPEG stills.

"The quality of output files is not very good. How can I improve it?"

Generally speaking, the output quality can be improved by modifying "Video Size" and “video Bit Rate". After you highlight the loaded file into the program, you will be able to modify them on the right panel of the main interface. But in certain format, there would be some limitations. And also, the output files would be in a larger size if you set larger values for these two items.

"What is file format?"

The format is the way that the file is encoded. All media has a file format specific to its function like music, video, pictures and others. MP3 is probably the most popular and compatible music file format used on portable media devices. Most MP3 players are compatible with multiple file formats, but they are particular about which ones. Other common music file formats include AAC (iTunes), WMA (Windows and PlaysForSure).

"What is bit rate?"

With regards to music or multimedia, a bit rate determines the amount of detailed information stored in the file. MP3 and other audio bit rates are measured from 32 to 320 kilobytes per second. The higher the bit rate the better the quality. The most common MP3 bit rates are from 128 to 192.

"How can I cut what I want in the video?"

First, add the files you will use.

Second, drag the slider to select a location, then click the set start. Drag the slider to select another location, then click the set end. Then click OK.

Finally, click start in the main interface, after a few seconds, your video is ok.



"The software is able to convert files to or from many formats. The interface makes this task easy and the results are more than satisfactory. It is a reliable tool and it can be used for free."-FindmySoft

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"The media player supports lots of formats, and the conversion tool has plenty of features, but overall Toolwiz Player and Converter has too many UI problems and issues to make it worth recommending."-PC&TECH AUTHORITY

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"Toolwiz Player is very efficient, absolutely free and really compact media player compared to other media players. Though the interface is kind of under-developed it is perfect for people who love watching videos."-- I Love Free Software

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I love using converter


The use of very simple


good, useful


I think the converter is very good, it is worth recommending, can be converted into the format of our own needs.


Really good, with it, a video can be played on multiple devices of our own.

Carlos Henrique

O programa faz o q promete afinal a empreza dele sempre teve otimos pragramas... Mas como a maioria dos players as veses da uma travadinha mas ai é so ter paciência.


It is very useful. A software integrates two functions, really good.

SImi Lqw

It is small but very perfect.I have recommend to others.