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Toolwiz Care – Reviews, Awards & Testimonials

CNET Editors' Rating"Toolwiz Care is an all-in-one system cleaning and optimizing tool. It’s designed to help users boost the performance of older PCs by cleaning out junk files and entries and defragmenting disk drives." –CNET Editors' Review
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Software Informer Awards"Toolwiz Care helps you speed up your Windows-based PC and keep it in best performance conditions.This complex yet easy to use application will offer you a complete set of tools which will help you boost the overall performance level and the network security of your computer." –software.informer.com
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Addictive Tips Review"Toolwiz Care is a comprehensive system tune up application that comes with a large collection of system utilities and optimization tools, all designed to clean, optimize and tweak components of your computer for better performance." –Addictivetips
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techline"Szintén új darab a felhozatalban a Toolwiz Care, amelyről részletes bemutatóval is szolgáltunk korábban. A program pontosan ugyanazt tudja, mint a konkurens termékek: all-in-one módon takarít és optimalizál. Érdekessége, hogy kapunk egy nagyon jól használható startup-optimalizáló funkciót…" –techline.hu
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Ghacks Review"There are many other freeware programs out there that cover what this program does. None do it in an interface that is both simple and elegant at the same time. On the surface it appears simple, user friendly and kind of fun. If you dig deeper, you can unlock some very powerful features of this free software package."–Ghacks.net
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guidingtech"Toolwiz as a complete system maintenance tool has a lot going for it. It’s packaged very well with a neat, intuitive interface. I haven’t tried out all the tools yet, but the few ones that I have can hold their own against specialized one-function tools. Give it a run and tell us how PC friendly you find this freeware." –Guiding Tech
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geekypedia"A must have app for a new PC, its a comprehensive system toolkit designed to keep your PC running in tip-top condition. It offers lots of features, one button check up that will find and fix a host of problems, including registry errors, junk file, disk fragmentation and lots more."–geekypedia
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daves computer tips"Toolwiz Care downloads via a remarkably small 3.85MB executable, installation is quick and trouble free with no nasty surprises. Toolwiz Care displays a colorful, if somewhat busy, interface with the various functions accessible via a series of clearly defined buttons. Toolwiz Care opens in '"Checkup" mode by default – note the active system monitor component highlighted in the screenshot:" –Daves Computer Tips
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Genbeta Review"La sensación que me queda después de utilizarlo y aplicarlo a mi sistema es bastante buena. Permite tener programada una optimización de forma periódica, el mantenimiento se muestra de forma resumida y con un click se pone en marcha y soluciona los problemas que detecta. Además incorpora una serie de herramientas muy útiles en determinados momentos y reúne en una sola interfaz todo lo que necesitamos para administrar nuestros equipos." –Genbeta
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compute logy"Toolwiz Care is very user friendly with simple layout. It is a feature rich PC maintenance software available at no cost saving your valuable fortune. It also provides you useful information about your system so that you can check where you need the optimization to be done by yourself. I have found it very effective against system lagging." –ComputeLogy.com
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TAMindir.com Editor's Choice Award"Karşınıza çıkan saçma hatalardan, yavaşlıklardan, internet hızınızdan, güvenliğinizden ve oyun performansınızdan şikayetçiyseniz bu programı kullanabilirsiniz."
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Zdnet Review"这款软件大小虽然只有3.5M,功能却有50个之多,和世界顶级的系统优化软件Tune Up Utilities、Advanced SystemCare相比,功能毫不逊色!软件支持中文。用户体验良好." –CNET News
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iplaysoft"你是否还在为360和金山频繁升级联网,弹窗而烦恼,而又不舍垃圾清理,网速监控等功能,那么今天这个软件可以满足你的要求。它就是来自新加坡的 Toolwiz Care 系统优化清理辅助工具,被网友亲切的称作兔卫士。" –异次元软件世界
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serfock"Но на сегодняшний день, как и положено молодой программе, она до конца не обкатана, но имеет сильные амбиции и определенную перспективу." –serfock.ru
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Toolwiz Time Freeze - Reviews, Awards & Testimonials

CNET Editors' Rating"Time Freeze has a simple interface for starting and stopping its main features as well as adding files to the File Protection feature (Time Freeze warns not to include Windows system files) and enabling password protection or changing your password." –CNET Editors’ Review
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major geeks"TimeFreeze is a definite keeper, it may not be exactly loaded with options but, for me anyway, that elementary approach is a huge part of the overall appeal. The rare combination of simplicity and total efficacy makes TimeFreeze an easy recommendation and eminently suitable for all users, regardless of levels of proficiency. TimeFreeze can be summed up perfectly in just two words – simply brilliant!" –MajorGeeks.com
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softoxi"Toolwiz Time Freeze is a powerful, simple to use application with a very cool functionality; it enables the user to effectively protect files and folders by preventing any changes from coming to them. Even more so, Toolwiz Time Freeze can create a system wide environment where no changes will affect your files throughout all of your drives but still make it possible for you to browse, watch movies or play games." –Softoxi
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pcworld"Pokud často zkoušíte nové aplikace nebo občas potřebujete navštívit web, u kterého si nejste jisti, zda se na něm nenachází škodlivý software, nabízí se jako řešení instalace druhého systému do virtuálního počítače. Pokud na to nemáte dostatečný hardware, zajímavou alternativou je aplikace Toolwiz Time Freeze, která vytvoří virtuální obraz systému, ve kterém budete moci například testovat aplikace." –PC World.cz
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Addictive Tips Review"Time Freeze is an excellent application for preventing unwanted changes to your system by running it in sandbox mode. This way, you can avoid not just viruses, but also revert the installation of unwanted toolbars and hijacking agents." –Addictivetips
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daves computer tips"TimeFreeze is a definite keeper, it may not be exactly loaded with options but, for me anyway, that elementary approach is a huge part of the overall appeal. The rare combination of simplicity and total efficacy makes TimeFreeze an easy recommendation and eminently suitable for all users, regardless of levels of proficiency. TimeFreeze can be summed up perfectly in just two words – simply brilliant!" –Daves Computer Tips
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Windows 7 Hacker Review"Toolwiz Time Freeze is a Free sandbox tool that keeps your system safe from any unwanted changes and malicious activity in low disk level. With a simple click, it puts your actual system under a virtual protection environment like a sandbox on the fly, in which you can evaluate software, test suspicious files, or even perform online activities." –Windows 7 Hacker
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The Windows Club"This way, the freeware helps to keep your system safe and always like new,and it also provides higher-level of security to computer, and greatly improves the efficiency of virtual system." –The Windows Club
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Dot Tech Review"Toolwiz Time Freeze is one of those remove-all-changes-after-reboot type programs. When you turn on Toolwiz Time Freeze’s TimeFreeze protection, Toolwiz creates a temporary cache file* on your hard drive. Any and all changes made to your computer while TimeFreeze protection is enabled are stored in this cache file — no changes are made directly your system, files, or folders." –DotTech
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megalab"Il programma è abbastanza recente ma gli sviluppatori hanno già inserito numerose modifiche e miglioramenti. Per adesso direi che è un’interessante alternativa a Returnil Virtual System, sicuramente da seguire con interesse nelle sue release future." –megalab.it
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hwfiles"Per chi ha la necessità di condividere un PC con altre persone avendo la certezza che terzi non possano effettuare modifiche su singoli file o sul sistema operativo proponiamo l’uso di ToolWiz Timefree. Con questa semplice utility anche chi ha l’abitudine di scaricare parecchio software per provarlo anche solo una volta avrà la possibilità di ripristinare il sistema in modo completo e rapido." –hwfiles.it
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i love free software"The online world is full of predatory people and entities, as well as entities that want to put software on your computer that will help them sell products to you. What you need is a program that will protect you from all of these attacks. ToolWiz Time Freeze can be that piece of guardian software for you." –I Love Free Software
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ABC Trick"Toolwiz Time Freeze is superior from System Restore as it makes your Computer unchangeable, more like a sandbox application that applies over the whole system. Toolwiz Time Freeze is a simple and effective tool with an easy to understand interface and features that are far more advanced and useful then conventional when it comes to create restore points." –ABC Trick
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