Time Freeze

Protect your PC from unwanted changes with ToolWiz Time Freeze 2014, by Nick Peers

ToolWiz has released Time Freeze 2014, a major new update to its system protection tool for Windows. The new build — version 2.2 — promises better stability with a brand new kernel and engine, plus adds a few minor features. New additions include a desktop floating toolbar allowing users to easily see whether the tool is switched on or off, plus the ability to select folders and files for exclusion from the protection feature. ToolWiz Time Freeze 2014 allows users to put their system partition into a state of stasis. All subsequent changes — such as installing new programs or browsing risky websites — are recorded in a virtual disk cache which is automatically wiped the moment the user switches Time Freeze off and reboots. The tool is aimed largely at those wishing to experiment with their system, such as testing new software or trying hardware updates, allowing them to make changes without worrying about the consequences. One drawback of the program is that no changes can survive a reboot, so it’s impossible to test software that requires the user restart Windows during the installation process. Version 2.2 is definitely more stable than previous versions, but this has come at a